Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year ~ New Blog Theme : Introducing "My 64 ~ Researching My 4th Great Grandparents"

     Welcome to Digging Down East! In 2015, I concentrated my research on 10 of my Canadian family tree lines. I discovered that having that focus brought me closer to my Nova Scotia and New Brunswick roots. What wonderful Canadian contacts (many related!) I made throughout the year! So many times, social media, particularly Facebook Groups, proved invaluable to me, with so many folks willing to visit cemeteries for me, do look-ups in out-of-print books, and even do library research. The distance from Ohio to the Maritimes never seemed long!

     In 2016 and 2017, I plan to focus on "my 64," as I like to call my 4th great grandparents. For some of these, I can follow them, genealogically speaking, "from cradle to grave." For others, I don't even know their names! But 64 seems a reasonable number of direct ancestors to work on, and already I see some interesting patterns:

  • I have 2 sets of 4th great grandparents named Seavey, Libby, and Hamilton, and 3 sets of 4th great grandparents named Steeves!

  • I have 2 sets of 4th great grandparents who are my 4th great grandparents twice:

William Brackley, Jr. and Anna Clayton


Simon Packard and Nancy Jordan

  • I have 4 sets of 4th great grandparents whose names are unknown to me:

The parents of James Ross

The parents of Effie Constantine

The parents of Margaret Ferguson


The parents of William Harnett

  • I am missing the first name of Miss Stevens who married Jonathan Seavey and the last name of Jane who married Richard Henry Norris

     So happy 2016 and off I go, biting off a big chunk of the trunk of my family tree, and excited to discover more fascinating stories "digging down east!"

My 4th Great Grandparents

Jonathan Seavey
_____ Stevens

Moses Seavey
Huldah Locke

Allison Libby II
Sarah Dam

Thomas Cross
Lucy Hovey

Benjamin Griswold
Elizabeth Eastman

William Prior
Elizabeth Ellis

David L. Libby
Charlotte Stevens

Daniel Miller
Patience Stevens

Andrew Leighton
Mary Weymouth

Enoch Morse
Eunice Russell

William Brackley, Jr. (Twice)
Anna Clayton

Simon Packard (Twice)
Nancy Jordan

Andrew Lovell
Sarah Joy

Richard Henry Norris
Jane _____

Thomas Bustin
Mary Utt

George Wilson
Jane Smith

_____ _____
                                        _____ _____ (Parents of James Ross)

_____ _____
                                                _____ _____ (Parents of Effie Constantine)

John Hamilton
Elizabeth Archibald

Hans Hamilton
Jane Cottam

William MacKay
Catherine Bethune

John Brown
Isabel Fulton

Robert Smith
Hannah Veckle Beck

George Steeves
Martha Smith

Jacob Steeves
Eleanor Bleakney

Christian Steeves
Christianna Jones

John McCain
Jane Allison

_______ _______
                                               _____ _____(Parents of Margaret Ferguson)

_____ _____
                                              _____ _____ (Parents of William Harnett)

Hugh Cowperthwaite
Mary Newcomb


  1. What a great idea. I have a focus for 2016 (my colonial ancestors) I have the research, I just need to get writing.

  2. What a great idea! I am a descendant of the Steeves family as well. I'm in Sydney, Australia and have traced one of my lines back to Matthias Steeves who was my 6th great-grandfather.

    1. Tiphanee, Matthias is my 5th great-grandfather. Will you be coming to the big reunion in Hillsborough, New Brunswick, next summer? My sister and I will be there!

  3. Great idea! I'm looking forward to reading about them.