3 Brothers Marry 3 Sisters

Dan Cupid Enters Marriage of Three Portland Brothers to Three Portland Sisters on Credit Page of His Ledger
Portland Evening Express and Advertiser, Saturday, July 2, 1910

"That designing little son of Venus, Dan Cupid, proved his unerring aim with his love-poisoned arrows the past week when he completed a task which he began years ago in the childhood of his victims, and which he one-third completed six years ago; and, his task finished, three brothers are united in marriage with three sisters.  This is a situation unique in the annals of Dan Cupid's ledger, and as the clever little god declared to a reporter last night, it is one of the handsomest pieces of work he has ever brought to so  happy a climax.

The couple who married six years ago are Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Bustin of the Deering District. She was Miss Melvina M. Hamilton. And the two additional couples who have linked hearts "until death do you part" are Thomas M. Bustin and Catherine Hamilton Bustin, Benjamin B. Bustin and Agnes Hamilton Bustin.

From childhood the three brothers and the three sisters have been friends. From the time when the little girls petted their dolls and the boys hauled the little girls and their dolls about in their carts, until the completion of school days and the removal of the families from Nova Scotia to this City, the friendship has continued.  The second couple were due to be married last Wednesday in Portsmouth, N.H., and a reception was planned for them Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bustin in Deering.  Benjamin Bustin and Miss Agnes Hamilton accompanied the couple to Portsmouth for the marriage.  En route, Cupid from his lately acquired bi-plane, spied Benjamin and Miss Agnes at an open window and let fly an arrow.

At arrival at that New Hamphire town, which so often serves as a Gretna Green for Portland couples City Clerk Lamont Hilton was located, and Thomas and his bride were married.  While this was going on the other couple held a whispered conversation in a corner of the clerk's office, and to the surprise of the first married pair  announced that they, too, were to wed.

Returning to Portland the four decided to keep the second Portsmouth affair a secret until the close of the reception to Thomas Bustin and his bride.  To help the deception Mrs. Agnes Bustin even took the wedding ring from her finger during the reception.  But Thomas and his bride were too happy in the congratulations showered upon them to keep the secret and the story began to circulate through the host of friends at the reception.

The health of all three couples was then toasted.  All three couples are now living under one roof in the Deering District, and all agree that Cupid is the best friend they could wish to have."

Mr.and Mrs. Fred P. Bustin
My Great Grandparents

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bustin

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bustin and children


  1. This is the fist time I have seen a picture of my great- grandmother and namesake (Catherine Margaret Hamilton Bustin) as a young woman. Thank you!!!

    Catherine Margaret Bustin