Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrifty Thursday – Housewife Feeds Six for $25 Per Week

One day in the Spring of 1967, our mother told us that my sister Robyn, aged 10, and I, about to turn 12, would be included in a picture taken by a photographer from the Press Herald.  The reporter, a feature writer by the name of Lyn Liljeholm, had come by the house to interview her about raising a family of six by shopping and serving meals within a budget.

This picture brings back such wonderful memories!

The mirror where we always checked our appearance before heading off to school, the many “dish nights” in front of the kitchen sink (“do you want to wash or dry?”), the plaid thermos bottle Dad took in his lunchbox, the Peter Pan collars, the barrette in Robyn’s hair, even the old pencil sharpener (can you spot the handle?).


The article appeared on Page One (!) of the Portland Press Herald in April 1967 (this original glossy is stamped THU APR 13 1967, PRESS HERALD), but I only have the continuation:


It is a fascinating article to read, so I hope you take the time to do so. I’ve just re-read it to Mom, and she still has a great many of these recipes in her head. Who knows, it may provide some guidance in these tough economic times! As for me, I remember all the canned goods stored in the cellar way, and which we were sent to retrieve before supper. Desserts were always on hand (especially cookies), and many of her casseroles I still make today!