Saturday, June 18, 2011

Remembering Dad–A More Than Good Enough Grandpa

Why is do the most loving, considerate and dedicated of parents always worry that they are not all of those things?!
All of the grandchildren will tell you that they always looked forward to going to Grandma and Grandpa’s, and one of the reasons was all the FUN they would have with Dad.  Yet, he always worried, starting with Nathaniel, the oldest, to Daniel, the youngest, if he was a good enough Grandpa.
From shooting pool, to swimming and fishing, to walking the beach, to just listening to his stories and jokes, there was always fun and laughter to be had, and those times are the most precious memories of all six of his grandchildren.
In our family, is seemed perfect that Father’s Day was in the summer (well, early summer in Maine, more or less), because that meant getting in the water and other outside activities. Dad loved it when the grandkids came to visit in the summertime, and it was a joy to see him being a “more than good enough Grandpa” to all of them.
Dad, Nathaniel, and Stephanie, Thomas Pond, South Casco, 1989
Dad and Stephanie, Scarborough Beach, 1989
Dad and Nathaniel, Fun Town, Scarborough,1986