Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Ross and Harriet Bustin

Married August 31, 1930
at the home of
Rev. Edward R. Nelson
Minister of Emmanuel Baptist Church
Portland, Maine

My Maternal Grandparents
Remembered With Love

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hamilton-Bustin-Noyes Graves in Pine Grove Cemetery

Today we found the graves of three of my Great Grandmother's sisters, along with their husbands. They are all buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, in Falmouth, Maine.

Graves of  Agnes Rachel Hamilton (Aunt Nessie) and Benjamin Bishop Bustin (Uncle Ben)

Graves of Catherine Margaret Hamilton (Aunt Cassie) and Thomas Herman Bustin (Uncle Tom)

Graves of Mary Ellen Hamilton and Edward Kent Noyes

To read the story of the 3 Bustin Brothers who married the 3 Hamilton Sisters, see the page marker above. Sister Mary married the Bustin Brothers' best friend, Ed Noyes.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Uncle Laurie

Lawrence Albert Bustin
Born August 21,1913
 Died January 12, 1969

Deering High School, Portland, Maine, 1931

Working at Deke's Drug Store, Morrill's Corner, Portland

Buried with wife Flora, Evergreen Cemetery, Portland

Friday, August 19, 2011

Will Bustin Liked August 19th!

William James Bustin was one of nine children born to Samuel James Bustin and Mary Elizabeth Ross. His brother, Frederick Parker Bustin, was one of his five brothers and my great grandfather.  The family lived in Mechanic Settlement, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada.

According to the 1891 Census of Canada, Will Bustin was born August 19, 1872.

Will Bustin married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Maud Kyle on August 19, 1895.

Unfortunately, he didn't quite mark the date with his passing, as he died on August 6, 1947.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mappy Monday–Mrs. Seavey’s Place in 1871

Mrs. Harriet Cross (Libby) Seavey (1814-1891), my second great-grandmother, had been widowed for 13 years in 1871. Born in nearby Harrison, Maine, she was 19 years younger than her second husband, Jonathan, and together they had 7 children.

This 1871 map of Bridgton, Pin Hook, and South Bridgton, Maine, a research print of which I obtained from Historic Map Works, in Portland:

shows many residences and businesses, including that of “Mrs. Seavey.” on the left hand side of a road running along the southeast shore of Woods Pond.

The history of Bridgton, Bridgton, Maine, 1768-1994: An Updated Bicentennial History, includes this hand-drawn map showing roughly the same area, along with this description:

"Just beyond the road divides near the old Alley-Seavey place. The Joseph Trumbull family lived here.* Today it is owned by Pioneer Camps, located on the shore of Woods Pond." -- p.349.

Google Maps shows the same road, off Rt. 117 in the Sandy Creek village of Bridgton, and the pinpoint shows where the house stood.


By the time of the 1880 Census, Harriet C. Seavey was 66 years old, a widow, keeping house, living here in Sandy Creek with the Berry, Merrill, and Martin families as neighbors. Her 27 year old son, Clarence Howard Seavey, my great grandfather, still lived with her. He would marry Nettie Griswold 9 years later in 1889.

*The Joseph Trumbull family referred to here is undoubtedly descendants of the Joseph Stephen Trumbull who married Nettie after Clarence died.