Sunday, November 9, 2014

Westbrook, ME ~ Spanish American War Honor Roll for Veteran's Day 2014

I am pleased once again to join in documenting the many ignored and forgotten Honor Roll memorials scattered around the country. Each Memorial Day and Veteran's Day, we try to find Honor Roll monuments and plaques around the country. We transcribe the names in a blog post, thereby making the names searchable by most internet search engines, like Google and Mocavo.

In so doing, we provide a hint for genealogists and famiy historians searching for ancestors on the internet, and give them a glimpse into the military heritage of their family.

Stop by Heather Wilkinson Rojo's blog, Nutfield Genealogy, on Veteran's Day, November 11th, to see all the participants' posts so far.

My Veteran's Day Honor Roll for 2014 is located in Riverbank Park, in Westbrook, Maine.

I discovered it in the annual wall calendar of the Maine Veterans Homes, which I receive in the mail because my father passed away at the MVH in Scarborough in 2010. Each month features a beautiful picture of a veterans memorial, and this one in Westbrook seemed somewhat unique.

As you can see above, the names are listed in three columns. I will not try to replicate this, but, instead present a list, separated by rank, of the entire company.

Captain Charles S. Carleton
1st Lieut. Willard C. Lord
2nd Lieut. Frederick A. Hobbs


Eugene I. Cummings
James W. Graham
George B. Hodgdon
George H. Leighton
Charles O. Porter
Walter W. Smith


John C. Bohnson
Rufus H. Carleton
Forrest J. Gilman
George F. Hobbs
Joseph H. Hazelton, Jr.
Frank E.R. Libby
Albion D.T. Libby
Harrie F. Morris
Julius Spinette
John C. Warren


Joseph Akey
Harold H. Bodge
Fred F. Burgess
Ralph E. Butler
Woodbury R. Baker
Frank H. Biladeau
Alexander G. Bryant
Albert J. Burdette
George S. Cates
Ernest L. Conant
Eugene W. Conant
John Connell
Dan Cram
Ernest W. Cressey
George F. Cressey
Napoleon Croteau
Charles D. Crocker
Fred Cormier
Wallace Daniels
Harry S. De More
George Dorsey
Samuel Douglass
Herbert D. Eaton
Charles P. Freeman
Edward E. Foster
Rensford Foster
Elden A. Graham
Lewis Girard
Charles H. Hallowell
George O. Hamlin
Neil Holm
Charles P. Houle
Walter Hand
Verannus C. Hanson, Jr.
Alfred H. Jordan
John D. Kinmond
Edward J. Keating
Ivy L. Kierstead
Stephen H. Libby
Edwin H. Libby
Fred J. Lund
Benjamin T. Larabee
Axel Lidstrom
Frank Lewis
George C. Lord
Charles R. Mayberry
Charles S. Merrow
John McBean
John Mahoney
Marshall H. Merrill
David F. Mansfield
Elmer J. Noyes
Frank A. Noyes
Martin J. O'Brien
Herbert E. Payson
Edward R. Penny
William J. Pooler
Harry B. Pratt
Levi Pratt
Treffie Pomelow
Louie Pomeroy
Charles W. Read
Josiah E. Reynolds, Jr.
Louis E. Roberts
William I. Rowe
Fred D. Richards
John W. Rowe
Aaron Stevens
George W. Smith
William W. Sloan
Daniel I. Saunders
Harold A. Sinclair
John A. Sjogren
Charles H. Skillings
Fred B. Spear
James E. Spaulding
Ora E. Sweatt
George Slater
Charles H. Staples
Frank W. Trull
Richard Wilson
John T. Weatherbee
Samuel Wade
Gerald L. Wyman
John B. Wright
Joseph Welch
Henry D. Ward
William N. Wentworth
William W. Webb
Dana E. Wescott
Fred E. York

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