Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Mrs. Lois Cross Libby

Lois Cross Libby (1784-1860)



Wife of



Mar. 25 1860

AE. 76 yrs.

North Street Cemetery
Gorham, Maine

Died of Consumption1
1  Maine State Archives; Augusta, Maine; U.S. Census Mortality Schedules, Maine, 1850-1880; Archive Collection: 2; Census Year: 1860; Census Location: Gorham, Cumberland, Maine; Page: 1; Line: 17.

My Third Great Grandmother

N.B. The jury is still out on the my interpretation of the script preceding  the name LOIS. Hopefully, during my next trip to Maine, I will be able to give it a second look. Stay tuned!

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