Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Double Wedding and Why Not?!

On a mid-summer Tuesday in 1910, two couples traveled from Portland, Maine to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for the sole purpose of getting married.

Agnes Rachel Hamilton would marry her beau Benjamin Bishop Bustin. Catherine Margaret Hamilton, Agnes' sister, would marry Ben's brother, Thomas Herman Bustin.

                     "Nessie" Hamilton       Ben Bustin

Catherine "Cassie" Hamilton and Thomas Herman Bustin

This is how the June 28th Portsmouth Daily Herald noted the event:

Their marriages would be the culmination of the union of the Hamilton clan of Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, and the Bustin family of Mechanic Settlement, New Brunswick. 

That's because Nessie and Cassie's older sister, Melvina, had already tied the knot three years prior, in 1907, in Portland, with Ben and Tom's younger brother, Frederick Parker Bustin!

Melvina and Fred are my maternal great-grandparents.

The romantic story, complete with Cupid in the starring role, took up a full page of the Portland Evening Express that following Saturday, and is transcribed above under the page heading: 
3 Brothers Marry 3 Sisters

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