Monday, April 9, 2012

Childhood Friends - Dad in the 1940 Census

In 1940, my father was living at 81 Pine Street in South Portland, Maine, in what is known as Ferry Village, and attending Hutchins School.

The newly released 1940 U.S. Census shows the entire family:

Seavey, Howard C, age 43, with 1 year of high school completed, working as a laborer at the U.S. Post Office (my grandfather)
Seavey, Mattie L, age 34, with 2 years of high school completed (my grandmother)
Seavey, Richard P, age 9, with 2 years of school completed (my father)
Seavey, Pauline L, age 6, with 1 year of school completed (my aunt)
Lovell, Pauline M, age 59, with 8 years of school completed, working as a maid in a private home (my grandmother’s aunt, who raised her, a who lived with the family for as long as my dad remembered)

On the same page of the 1940 Census, at 75 Pine Street, appear some familiar names:

Thompson, Elizabeth K, age 73 (known as “Grammy” Thompson)
Griffin, Elizabeth, age 33 (her divorced daughter)
Griffin, Donald L, age 6 (her grandson)
Griffin, Beverly J, age 2 (her granddaughter)

Elizabeth Griffin, fondly known as “Lib,” was my grandmother’s closest friend. While she was going through her divorce, she would often send Don to stay with my father’s family.  It was during these childhood days, Dick at 9 and Donny at 6, that a friendship bloomed, a friendship that lasted until both were grandfathers themselves.


  1. it's such an interesting story. It's nice to have all these details.

  2. My friend Jas lives in that house now. It's around the corner from me (my house is on Randall St.).