Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - Nettie's Story

The following is one of the most romantic and sentimental stories from my family tree. I reproduce it as it appeared on, 3/29/2010, posted by ALMORRILL:
Nettie’s Story
This story comes from my grandmother (Constance dau. of Jospeh (sic) & Lena Trumble).  The story is backed up by supporting documents, such as census, marriage and death documents.

Nettie’s story is filled with love and enjoy (sic), combined with great sadness and loss.  She married Clarence Seavey, who she loved very much according to those that knew Nettie & Clarence.  They had six children within 10 years.

Upon Clarence (sic) illness, it is reported he asked a dear friend and neighbor Joseph Stephen Trumble (unmarried & never been married at this point) to care for his wife and children after his death.  Please marry her, care for her and the children.  Clarence died in Feb 1902.

Therefore, after a number of respectable months later Joseph married Nettie, who knew of her husband’s wishes too.  According to the oldest of the children, Joseph was a wonderful stepdad and husband to their mother, whom (sic) continue to grief (sic) over their father’s death.  Saddening the children had any great loss their mother only 2 years later (Dec. 1904).  At this time, Nettie’s family knowing of Joseph (sic) promise, felt he had more than met it, released him of the children’s care and his promise in Jan. 1905.

He remarried on Nov. 1905 to Lena Bell Cox of Poland, Maine.  They had 6 children of their own. However, according to my grandmother (one of their daughters) it was told to her by her mother (Lena) that Joseph (her dad) always continued to check in with the family members that completed the raising of Nettie & Clarence (sic) children.

Footnote on their deaths:
It is believed that Clarence died of TB.  Many said Nettie just died of a broken heart.  However, it is now believe (sic) although it may be true she to (sic) had a broken heart, that she actually had TB or complication of.  It was ruled pneumonia.
Clarence and Nettie Seavey were my great-grandparents. There were actually 7 children, as Nettie was pregnant with Archie Forrest Seavey (born 9/14/1902) when Clarence died. So, you see, Joseph really was a gentleman, in marrying Nettie at that time.
I connected with Christine (ALMORRILL) thu this weekend. She and I have exchanged several emails. Hopefully I will get to meet her in October when I return to Maine for a visit.

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