Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's Faces From the Past ~ Everett Deyarmond Family in Burnside 1953

The handwriting above this picture is my great grandmother's, Melvina Jane Hamilton Bustin (1886-1974). Everett Deyamond (1876-1942) was her cousin, she being the daughter of Peter Suther Hamilton (1852-1929), and Everett being the son of Margaret Rebecca Hamilton (1857-1937). Burnside is a small community in the Stewiacke Valley of Nova Scotia.

Having come across this wonderful "family gathering" photograph, I sent it to Judy from the Stewiacke Valley Museum Facebook page.  She kindly passed it on to one of the people in the photograph, a young girl in the photo, Mrs. Freda MacKay Rogers. Mrs. Rogers identified everyone in the picture, and also was able to date the photograph at 1953 or 1954.

Here is an alphabetical list, by surname, of everyone in the picture:

Berkelow, Maria Deyarmond
Deyarmond, Adela Roode
Deyarmond, Art
Deyarmond, Dick
Deyarmond, Eldridge
Deyarmond, Frank
Deyarmond, Jean Cox
Deyarmond, Lance
Deyarmond, Lester
Deyarmond, Mary Graham
Deyarmond, Terry
Deyarmond, Wayne
Fisher, Curtis
Fisher, Velva Deyarmond
Goff, Doris Whidden
Graham, Betty Deyarmond
Graham, Gordon
Hamilton, Albert
Hamilton, Stella
Johnson, Ella Deyarmond
Johnson, Herman
Johnson, Von
MacKay, Alice Deyarmond
MacKay, Ian
MacKay, Freda
MacKay, Norman
MacKay, Robert
Stevenson, Deanna
Stevenson, Laura Deyarmond
Stevenson, Linda
Stevenson, Lloyd
Whidden, Foster
Whidden, Frances
Whidden, Gary
Whidden, Harry
Whidden, Nettie Deyarmond
Whidden Philip
Whidden, Roy

Albert Hamilton and Stella Hamilton are my great great uncle and aunt, respectively, siblings of my great grandmother, although, in one way or another, I am related to all 38 people in this picture.

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  1. I don't know what it was that touched me about this photo, Pam, but I thought I stop by a leave a comment. It's such a great photo. As I was looking at the people, trying to decide the possible year (before I read your post with the date), I realized that many of the people, especially the older ones, had already passed on. How great to have a photo of them all together like this. Even better that you found someone to identify everyone. A treasure for sure.