Friday, June 7, 2013

When DAD Spelled Delicious

Here's a great clipping from the Portland Press Herald* publicizing the annual DAD dinner at Stevens Avenue Congregational Church in Portland, Maine. I'm guessing this is around 1965, since Lawrence Bustin, my great uncle, died in 1969. This is how I remember him.

Stevens Avenue Congregational Church is where my mother went to Sunday School and sang in the Choir.  The wife of  Dorrance A. Douglas, for whom this dinner was named, was Virginia Douglas, and she was the Choir Director. My mother says that whenever she sang off key, Virginia would slide her foot off the organ pedal and kick my mother in the shin!

Look at those heaping plates of food!

 370 people in less than 2 hours!

Now that's a church suppa!!

*from my great grandmother's crumbling scrapbook

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