Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fearless Females Blog Post: March 7 ~ Recipes In Their Head

How many times have I called my mother to ask for a recipe, only to hear her say, “I don’t have the recipe written down; it’s in my head.”?

Both my mother and my grandmother were excellent cooks. Nothing exotic or complicated; just good home-cooked meals for growing families and family gatherings.

There were always sweets in our house growing up - a batch of homemade cookies or squares at an arm’s length.

Here are a couple of sweet recipes: my grandmother’s  Never Fail Chocolate Cake, and my mother’s Rhubarb Pie (still made by request).

I really cannot explain why it was called "Never Fail" Chocolate Cake; maybe because it was from scratch. And I love the old name for margarine, oleo.

Lisa Alzo of  The Accidental Genealogist blog is presenting her Fearless Females: 31 Blogging Prompts to Celebrate Women’s History Month series in honor of National Women’s History Month.

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