Monday, July 23, 2012

The Boyfriend ~ Amanuensis Monday

In February of 1930, my maternal grandmother, Harriet Cheney Smith (1906-1985) lost her mother. She had met her future husband, S. Ross Bustin, and was planning to be married. The couple decided to delay their nuptials until later that year. 

In the meantime, she received the letter of sympathy from an old boyfriend, a young man from Fryeburg, Maine, Gerry Cousins, for whom, in the early 1920's, she obviously had great affection. He wrote:

                                                                                          Lisbon Falls, Maine
                    Dear Friend Harriet:
                          Had a letter from my Mother and she told me of your great
                    loss that came the first of the week into your life, it is certainly
                    one of the greatest of them all, and I certainly trust you will
                    bear up and understand that it must be for the best, and leave
                    it all to the judgment of one who rules the universe of ours.
                    I plan on being at home for over this week end, and will
                    most certainly give you a call, and please give me the 
                    opportunity of being on your list of a friend at any time.


The following pictures from my grandmother's scrapbook are from the heyday of Harriet and Gerry's young romance.

Gerri sporting his Fryeburg Academy Letter Sweater!


Gerri, Harriet, and friend Dottie
Waiting for the train in West Falmouth

"My Darling"

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