Thursday, August 19, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Aunt Beck's Autograph Book 1925

Among the many treasures handed on to me is this autograph book belonging to my Great Aunt Beck. Born Flora Vesta Bustin (1907-1964), she was Fred and Vina's oldest child, the only daughter of four children. This book, with entries mostly dated 1925, contains many gems, favorite rhymes of the time. She would have been about 18 years old when she passed this around (high school graduation time perhaps), and obviously was dearly loved by her large family and close friends. I remember her from my childhood, and know she was very dear to my mother's heart.

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This entry is from her younger brother Lawrence (whom I knew as Uncle Laurie):

"May 11, 1925
Oh may your virtue
ever spread
Like butter on
hot gingerbread

Lawrence Bustin
D.J.H.S. (Deering Junior High School)"

And here, faintly, is a bit of wisdom from her mother:

"May 3rd 1925
Dear Vesta
Love many
Trust fun
And always
Paddle your own
from your Mother"

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